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Why is this extra confirmation?

After reaching the EOP, a dialogue box is displayed where you can set the Finalised state for the project. If you decide to do so, this dialogue box is displayed:


Is this really necessary?

Because one might not wish to set the translated status to all target segments, for various valid reasons, especially when working on files involving various statuses.

Sure. But you can already choose so in the previous dialogue box.

Which dialog?

I think you just press Finalize and receive this dialog.

Sorry for not being clear. After reaching the EOP, a dialogue box is displayed. Here you're asked whether you want to Finalise the project. If you indicate to do so, the 2nd dialogue box with the same question is displayed.

Before implementing this dialog, Finalizing a project meant that the translated status was set to all segments.

This dialog fixes this potentially unwanted behavior, offering the option to Finalize a project without setting the translated status.

I'm not sure what Finalize does in that case (probably confirm segments), but it does not mean "set as translated" anymore.

4 clicks seem a little too much ...


Probably, you also click 4 times at the Next segment button once your reach the end of the project.

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