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OpenJDK Platform binary crash

For a week or so I keep, randomly, getting CafeTran to lag in the middle of a project, then it freezes. After I try to click it I get: "OpenJDK Platform binary is not responding". Is my laptop at fault or is it a bug? Could you help, please? This is my 3rd time force closing CafeTran with the hope it will let me finish this project. And the deadlines are no joke


I am not aware of this error message.

However, it may be helpful if you provide the following:

- CafeTran version (I understand this is a new installation with the latest version?)

- OS platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

- Java Memory size in Edit > Preferences > Memory

- Installed RAM on your computer

Well, the version is the latest Doughnut (had to uninstall and install again because it never opened after the last update) but this issue was older than the update. I use Windows with 4 RAM and the Java memory size was 1024 until a few minutes ago (I read the article you mentioned). Hope the memory was the blame but, if not, I'll come back to this topic. 

Thank you !

OK, 1 minute after opening, the same "OpenJDK Platform binary is not responding". And CafeTran is unresponding and unusable again. The memory was not the issue.

Thank you for this information.

Since it does not seem to be a RAM issue (1024 MB was low and could explain lagging/hanging), I think the developer will have to chime in (or you can create a support ticket).

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With 4GB of RAM, I would suggest setting Java memory size in Preferences > Memory tab to 2048.  You can check if the program sets this value in CafeTran's Help > About panel. See the max value of Java memory size field there.

I did, right after reading the "" article Jean suggested. After doing that, I updated Java while CafeTran was opened. (Could this have had something to do with it?) When the update was done I returned to my translation and it froze (and crashed) again. Just now I opened CafeTran and checked the memory value (2048) but can't actually tell if the problem is finally solved. It only froze and crashed in the middle of a translation. Guess I will see a few hours from now...

Hello Laura,

Since you have uninstalled CafeTran and installed the latest version, the program should now be using the built-in Java version (OpenJDK).

The error message about OpenJDK seems to point to this built-in version, so updating the system Java version should have no impact.

You can confirm the Java version used in Help > About. The built-in version reads "12-ea [or 13] OpenJDK 64-bit Server VM".


Yes, it reads "13.0.1 OpenJDK 64-bit Server VM". Not sure if it read differently before.


It crashed again. So I followed the issue on Task Manager where "OpenJDK Platform binary" and, implicitly, my CafeTran project, had a "Not responding" status and had hogged almost all my CPU memory. By right click, I went to the Proprieties and the javaw.exe application (located in the installation folder of CafeTran) where I clicked Compatibility>Run compatibility troubleshooter. It sure did something, not sure what... Said it was fixed and I should save the changes.

I did. Now I opened CafeTran again and the CPU usage of "OpenJDK Platform binary" is about <10% and lower. 

Now, I actually have no idea what I did or if I fixed the issue. Could you give me your opinion? Is It bad?

Thank you and sorry for constantly bothering you.

Is there no fix to this? It crashed again, and again... and I'm frustrated.

Does this happen with any project, even with no big TM or web resources used?

If yes, have you opened a support ticket? This is the only step I can think of.

Yes, it seems it happens with EVERY project. I use only 2 web resources only. And have 4 pretty big TMs only. I'll open a ticket, thank you.

It never got resolved, was just opening it until it stuck (sometimes 2-3 times, sometimes I quit and managed without, next day the same cycle). Today, this is the 8th time I had to "End Task" CafeTran. 

My system is twice the requirement, my TMs are small, and I have no support in fixing it !!!!

I'm super angry!

Hopefully,  after increasing Java memory to 2048 MB, the hanging is less frequent.  If it still occurs, it may be caused by a number of other applications  opened which (along with the operating system and CafeTran) take up your  4 GB of RAM and cause the issue. If possible, add more RAM memory (e.g  plus 4 GB) to your machine - 8 GB is standard now. Also, switch to the  System (Windows) or Java (Nimbus) look and feel in CafeTran's  Preferences > Appearance tab and observe if it makes any difference.  Another useful tip might be using Total Recall for your translation  memories instead of loading them to RAM - see here:

Finally, if nothing really helps, take note at what  action or specific TM, web resource, the hang occurs. Then, use the  program without loading/opening it to check if that specific resource is the culprit.

It is really as much as I am able to help.

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