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Problem with sdltm

Hello all!

I've got a problem with an sdltm sent me by a client. It opens but shows 0 translation units. The TM has 115 MB, so it must contain many units :-) The client says that other translators are using the TM with Trados and reported no problems. What could be wrong?

Thank you,


Probably, the language codes do not match to CafeTran's default language codes for your language pair. If you knew your language pair codes of that sdltm memory, you might type them in the TM start-up options panel - see the language pair editable fields there.

Hello Igor,

Thank you. Yes, I did that. The client told me it's DE-CH - IT-CH, and this is what I see in the memory tab, but I still get 0 TUs...

(16.3 KB)

Perhaps the multilingual aspect is causing the problems? 

The client converted into tmx and now it works, no idea why...

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