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Advice on glossaries

What setting is necessary to avoid that "glamping" in the source segment trigger the display of "lamp|"?

"Prefix matching" is deselected.

Thank you

Just remove the pipe character "|" from your term to avoid displaying words with the stem.

Thank you, but I don't understand the relation between the "|" character and the initial "g" of glamping.

The pipe delimiter tells CafeTran to search for "lamp" everywhere inside words.  

Thank you again! Then, I was wrong on my assumptions on the use of the pipe character and will have to modify many terms in the glossary. My fault.

But, please, what is the best way to tell CafeTran to search for "lamp" starting from the beginning of words? If I want it to find both "lamp" and "lamps" , should I put only "lamp" in the dictionary? (I prefer to avoid putting in both.)


Just replying to myself: Taking the pipe character away seems to make the trick, but if you have other suggestions they are certainly welcome.

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