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Tags, links and strike-through

Dear all,

Are you aware of a way to translate links hidden behind tags? For example: I've translated some documents with approx. 15,000 total words which contained many links to products of a website and, after translation, the client wanted me to insert the links to the Italian version of the pages. I had to go through all the html documents in Notepad++ to look for the links and replace them with the right ones. I also had to translate the "titles" related to the links, which weren't visible in CT. Isn't there a way to "see" the content of the links directly in CT, in order to avoid this kind of editing in Notepad? Also, I don't really understand the meaning of tags e.g. <x id=293>. How do I see is it's bold, a link, or something else? And... one last question: is it possible to turn off the strike-through feature of fuzzy matches? I hate it! :-( It seems that words have been deleted in both the new and the old sentence, whereas one is e.g. a new word and the other is the deleted one...

Thank you!


+1 for making the URLs visible in CT. I asked for that many moons ago, but it was never implemented. Glad it is coming up again. 

It would be nice to find the URL in a separate cell, just after the corresponding segment. I think Studio did that way back when.

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In the coming update of CafeTran, you will be able to translate html links as separate segments.

Excellent news! Thanks a lot, Igor.

Great! Titles, too?

If you mean the title attribute inside tags, they will be editable too.

Yes, like <a href="" title="Buy T-shirts">Shirts</a>. Thanks, Igor


Is this feature already present in the current update? I'm working on another batch of these documents, but cannot find the links and the title attributes as separate segments... Or does it work only in native projects?



It works for CafeTran's HTML projects. For non-CafeTran projects, the segmentation has been done by the tool used for the creation of the project.

I see, OK, thanks

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