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EMs and CMs aren't inserted

I'm still suffering from the issue that EMs and CMs aren't inserted automatically.

Today I decided to try something new:

  • Filter on every first segment of a collection of repeated segments.
  • Only translate these segments.
  • Create a new memory and commit the project segments to it.
  • Use Translate > Insert all EMs.
This still doesn't work.
Even when I've closed all resources except the memory.

Why oh why is this??


CafeTran inserts Exact and Context matches in one go provided that it determines that the user does not have to come back again to the segment and transfer the tags from the source segment. In that case, it withholds inserting the exact match until you reach/enter the affected segment.  One way or the other, the exact matches are inserted automatically. 

I am not sure but probably your segments have the Translated status set, which means what the status says. CafeTran does not touch such segments with its automatic functions.

Thanks for the info. I've set up a fresh CafeTran Espresso in a Windows VM. Here the insertion of all CMs and EMs is correct.

So there's something conflicting in my Mac instance of CafeTran Espresso. I'll have to carefully compare both instances in order to (finally) find what is causing this behaviour.

Self-inflicted problem, probably.

Today I will dive into this. I cannot say that I’m looking forward to spending my Saturday morning with this, but the issue has been bothering my for years now. To be honest, I don’t know where to start. Any smart suggestions are very welcome.

After trying zillion of configurations, I've found the cause:

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