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REQ: Remeber export location

We've had this request before (here), but I'd like to re-request it. Can we have CT remember the export location like every other piece of software in the world, rather than always defaulting to the project folder.

I'm currently translating a 90 file project, where this is especially pertinent, but it applies to all projects.

Where the folder no longer exists the normal behaviour in most other software is to detault to the parent folder (or the parent of the parent, etc.). That would also be nice.


> ... rather than always defaulting to the project folder.

You might achieve what you wish if you check the option in Edit > Preferences > Workflow tab > Shared export folder.

In my opinion, the export location should be saved in each project file so that when switching between different projects you don't have to check if you are going to export to a wrong location. 

Hi Igor,

thanks for your suggestion, that looks lke exactly what I was looking for.

Just a suggestion – I would never in a million years have guessed that that's what this option means. Why not rename it to something more intuitive (like 'Remember export location')? And enable it by default?


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