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Adding language codes for less resourced languages (ISO 639-3)

 Hi, I noted that the language code "vec" for Venetian is already included. Now I am working with vmf (East Franconian) and nap (Neapolitan). Is there a possibility to add these language codes? Or maybe is there a possibility for me to add it myself (there should be a file with the definitions which I could not find up to now). Thank you for any help.

Kind regards


Servus Bina! Kannst den Code nicht einfach rein tippen?

Hallo alwayslockyourbike :-) Wenn ich ein neues Projekt anlege, muss ich doch die Sprachkombination über Drop-Down-Listen auswählen. Ich denke, es gibt irgendwo in den Programmdateien die Liste für die möglichen Sprachen, die ich aber noch nicht gefunden habe.

I think that you can type the code manually in the Project Configuration dialog, overruling whatever choice you made via the Dashboard

Thank you alwayslockyourbike - I just tried to create a project that way and it works. This makes Cafetran Espresso a very valuable tool for many less resourced languages. :-)))

East Franconian (vmf) and Neapolitan (nap) have been added as project languages in the latest update:

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