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REQUEST: Task > Format numbers

I'd like to suggest a new submenu Format numbers to the Task menu.

Purpose of this new feature would be the correct formatting of numbers, depending on the language direction in the project.

Especially useful wen translating financial reports, academic papers etc.

The requirement for use of this feature is that during the translation process no changes are made to the numbers. All automatic changes have to be disabled! Only at the end of the project, before proofreading, the numbers are formatted correctly.

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The necessary regular expressions for these transformations can be found in the attached regular expressions cheat sheet from Anthony Rudd.


Numbers for what? For currencies, for specific metrics, for general numbers and decimals?

There are ISO standards, but some (like currencies) can also depend on specific style guidelines and choices.

I don't think a one-site-fits all approach to numbers can (or should) be applied per target language.

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True. This won’t be easy to implement. But certain generic transformations surely can be automated. And since the task is executed by the user, he can decide not to do so when style guides are involved. He can define his own regex :).
Perhaps there are even subcategories needed for the task, eg currency

I should have written IDEA instead of REQUEST in the subject line of my post. It's just an idea, and I'm sure that Igor will weigh the possibility and implications. It's an idea not relevant for my language direction, but I expect that some (many?) users could be quite happy with it.

Anyway, Igor decides (as always).


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