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Tiny blank space between glossary terms

I remember I read something similar in this forum for a different language pair, but I'd like to extend the request for Japanese, if possible.

Since there are no spaces between characters in Japanese, when two adjacent words are found in a glossary they are shown as a single word (group of characters) in the source, thus creating some confusion. For instance:

Let's suppose that AA and BB are registered individually in the glossary as they are two separate words, that is as AA and BB and not as AABB, which might have a completely different meaning or no meaning at all combined as such. If AA and BB are adjacent in the source, they would be highlighted as AABB, that is as a single word while they are not.

Therefore, would be possible to add in the source segment a tiny blank space between two detected words so that AA and BB are highlighted separately, that is with a tiny blank space in between?

> would be possible.

I never know the answer before it is actually implemented successfully.  The general idea is good - that or alternate colors for terms in languages with no word separator.

 ...alternate colors for terms in languages with no word separator

Probably this solution is even better, provided that we can choose the alternate color freely.

Thank you.

Hello Igor, is there any progress on this matter? Especially when translating from Japanese (without spaces between words), at first sight a word color-marked in the source might appear to be in the glossary but it's not, for only it's components are. This slows down things quite a bit.

Thank you for considering to give a higher priority to this matter.

The 10.7.2 CTE Doughnut update will see borders around overlapping and neighboring terms. Stay tuned.

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