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Project properties

I may have become a little paranoid on how projects are handled within CTE, probably because of my still limited knowledge and/or CTE's flexibility.

Two questions:

1) All of a sudden getting curious, I opened the current project's xlf file and found that while the TM registered there is the one that I actually selected from the separate Cafetran folder (in the D drive) where I keep all CTE working files, the TB (glossary) reportedly belongs to the Cafetran Espresso program folder (drive C). But there are no glossaries in there, yet CTE is actually using the selected glossary.

In other words, in the current project's xlf file there is no trace of the actually selected and working glossary. The TM is alright, though. Why? 

2) Why the current project's xlf file can't be made to contain the most important project parameters as project templates regarding, for instance, resources, TMs, glossaries, pane size, share export folder and the like which are peculiar to each single project (not project templates)?

The reason why I ask this is that I often need to return to a certain project in order to resume work or add a new translation file, or continuously switch from a project to another when I'm working on multiple projects at the same time, but most of the time I have to rearrange almost everything to restore the original settings, which means clicks, clicks and clicks and loss of time.

Thank you.

Just use project templates for specific type of projects and choose them before opening the project type if you can't locate easily your TMs or glossaries on the Dashboard.

In my view and based on my experience with other CAT tools, project templates should be meant to help creating new projects, not as a means to open old ones in a consistent manner, which in my opinion should be made more reliable and straightforward.

At any rate, I acknowledge that nothing can be done to improve this part of CTE, so I'm abandoning this topic/issue for good.

But, would at least be possible to have CTE remember the individual project export location so that even when switching project we don't have to check each time that files are going to be exported to the wrong folder?

Thank you anyway for your time.


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