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How to set the " as a hidden tag?

Following this thread, I'd like to define the straight double quote character as a hidden tag.

My attempts so far don't work:



What would be the correct syntax here?

Both your expressions convert the quotes to hidden tags.

Thank you!

I had to remove the " from the Do not match field.

I now have:




It would be supercool if CafeTran Espresso 10 would consider the second segment as an Exact Match. Is this technically possible to implement?

I have to verify with a plain vanilla CafeTran whether I added the “ to the Do not match field myself. Also, I’d welcome clarification on the difference between this field and the Word divider field. There shouldn’t be anything in the first that is ik the last? Regarding trying to let CafeTran treat segments that are identical except for the fact that one version uses bold formatting to indicate button names and the other uses surrounding double quotes (a difference that I personally encounter very frequently): can the matching rate of user-defined purple hidden tags be made identical to that of CafeTran’s own red tags? That would be terrific and really boost productivity.


Segment 1 is correctly propagated to segment 3. But not to segment 2. And even when I insert the FM in segment 2 manually, segment 2 isn't propagated to segment 4. There is a CM, but it isn't inserted automatically, that is: the purple tags aren't inserted. (There is one disturbing red tag.)

Hidden tags defined for this example:




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