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Provide unlocking functionality for SDL projects

Is it possible to add to CTE the ability to unlock SDL Studio segments while translating instead of doing so before creating the project?

You have to delete:  locked="true"

Thank you, but it would be much nicer if CTE had the ability to delete it for me while translating instead of forcing me to fiddle with the source file in advance.

Fortunately I translate Studio files only once in a while, but others?

Hello, in the archive you can see that a certain person has requested this several times.

I looked in the archive before opening this thread, but found nothing. In any case, it doesn't surprise me that others are requesting such an important feature.

Thank you for the links. I even upvoted the Unlock functionality request...

Only now I found the Action > Skip > Locked segments, and after turning it off I'm finally able to edit the locked segments.

This feature is also connected with another one that I had requested last year and was implemented, albeit in a workaround form (which is not easy to remember): adding "Don't send to TM". In my previous CAT tool there was a specific shortcut for this, which I used it a lot with only-number and rubbish segments which would only pollute TMs.

For me, it would be a very clever addition for CTE too.

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Are you saying that locked segments in Studio projects can be edited again in CafeTran Espresso 10? (Like it was in the beginning.)

I just did that.

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