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REQUEST: Monolingual translation tables / hidden tag definition/application

Following this thread I'd like to request implementation of the export and re-import of monolingual translation tables, in contrast to bilingual review tables (that are already available).

Reason: MS Word documents with a bilingual review table of hundreds of pages (not an exception!) are hard to format in MS Word (on Mac), e.g. to hide a table column (see thread). Even with a very powerful iMac.

Monolingual translation tables would not need a header or segment numbers column. There is no colour-coding of the pipes needed, since you will be translating them in CafeTran Espresso 10. Possibly, CafeTran Espresso 10 could display them red in the source segment editor.

In the ideal case, all repetitions would be empty after the first instance.

This lets you easily count the actual translation load, keeps the tables lean and prevents any skipping issues.

CafeTran Espresso 10 could generate a list of all strings that start and end with a pipe, and give suggestions for marking them up as regular expressions, in order to mask them as hidden tags.

Possible additional enhancements:

  • Automatic filtering on empty segments, before exporting a monolingual translation table
  • After exporting a monolingual translation table, the current project is closed and the monolingual translation table (in the same folder) is automatically loaded
  • To re-import a monolingual translation table the corresponding project (in the same folder) is automatically opened and filtered. Insert all exact matches is applied to populate all repeated segments.

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