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Bilingual TRANSLATE table

How about a special version of the bilingual export table:

  • target column has been filled with source segments
  • only this column is visible (the rest is hidden)
  • (all duplicate rows are reduced to the first appearance; repeated targets are left empty)
The wrapping of tags around purple non-translatables is very nice.

How about offering this for the pipes too, when translating a TRANSLATE table?

The handling of tags via pipes in these tables offers all kind of very handy operations. I'm enthusiastic (once again).

E.g. in projects with many tags that prevent glossary recognition:


You can translate them as a bilingual table, and define the pipe as a delimiter:


Especially in Transit files there are often spaces included in closing tags, that prevent term recognition:


Same goes for QA Spelling. These 


are false positives. BTW: the Ê is a placeholder for a bullet. So they can be quite frequent.

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