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Please make the "Do not mach" entries common to all projects

I've just noticed that when a new "Do not match" entry is stored for the current project, it's not automatically made available to Preferences > Memory > Do not match, that is CTE-wide irrespective of language pair and project template.

What is the rationale for this choice?

As far as I know, this setting is stored in the PT entry punctuation value.

You can change the setting by changing the PT or by editing it manually from the Prefs dialogue box.

As far as I know, this setting is stored in the PT entry punctuation value.

Yes, I saw it. The point is, I use several project templates within the same language pair (based on client, topics and the like) and when I make a "Do not match" entry in the current project I would like CTE applied it automatically to every project of that language pair, in other words by storing such entry in the Preferences file, which at this point might well contain all "Do not match" entries for all language pairs since they are not likely to interfere to each other.

Hope that I understand correctly what you want to achieve ...

How about creating general PTs for all your language directions and base every new one on these?

BTW: You can load all your PTs in an editor and F/R the values of the keys.

I already have more than ten PTs, which vary a little based on three language pairs, clients and subjects. Therefore, what I would like to achieve is simple: putting all "Do not match" entries in the Preferences file, that is in a single place. Wouldn't this make things easier and universal?

I too feel project templates currently store too much information, requiring fiddling for each small preferences or other update across PTs.

Plus, the appearance settings change over time, and I have discovered project templates require applying View menu settings to update to the latest changes.

While projects templates are practical, I feel they are rough around the edges. This is why I think they haven't yet received their own knowledge base article.

Some simplification/A more simple solution (simple to set up and use, and simple to maintain) would be welcome.

Here is suggestion: I understand there is some overlap between Preferences backups and Project templates. If that is true, maybe these two could be separated completely and used in conjunction, if needed. Save/Load a project template. Optionally Save/Load preferences settings. There you go. Maybe even have a dialog asking if you wish to save/load both. In such case, what is saved in each (template or preferences backup) should be made clear.

Igor, what do you think?


All CafeTran preferences can be exported and imported via the Preferences panel.  Whereas Project Templates, including preferences relevant to a specific project, are easily saved and accessed via the Dashboard. It is a bit hard to  tell in advance what preferences the translator would like to change for a given type of project, language pair, client or even for day or night work - like themes and colors, for example). That's why new CafeTran updates enable to store more options in Project Templates. In the next update,  segment skipping options and term prefix settings will also be saved in Project Templates automatically.

As for the "Do not mach" characters list, they are stored in the Project Templates too, along with the language pair. Then, as you add a new character to the "Do not mach" field in Preferences > Memory tab, you should also update (save via the Dashboard) the relevant Project Template to include this change in the options.

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I like this.

Also useful in this regard:

  • Ability to switch PTs during the session, without unloading the current project, e.g. to switch to a proofreading-optimised view
  • Ability to toggle MT engines via PTs e.g. to switch to a proofreading-optimised view: I then no longer need to send segments to MT engines ($$$$$/€€€€€€!!!!!)

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