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Font size in memory/glossary panes


After installing the most recent update of CT (10.6.4), I noticed that the font size of the memory/glossary panes and the Matchboard are now bigger than before. I tried to reduce the size a little bit by changing it under "Font - Project, memories and resources", but the size didn't change (not even after switching tabs or pages). I tried with the Bright and the Dark theme - the font size doesn't change in any of the themes.

What might be the cause of the problem? Could there be a setting that I overlooked?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Martin,

Yep, I had this too. I had to manually adjust the setting. It was one of the View menu. If I'm not mistaken, this one:


Thanks a lot,, that helped - but only after restarting the program!

I think a warning that CT needs to be restarted should be shown after the font is changed.
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