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Glossay Minimal Prefix Lenght for Japanese

Currently, at least for glossaries it's not possible to set the Minimal prefix length individually for different languages. This means that if it's set to "3" for English, it's automatically set to "3" for Japanese too. But certain Japanese (but also Chinese) words are made up with a fewer number of characters compared to western languages, therefore the Minimal Prefix Length has a different weight.

Would it be too complicate to make a separate setting for languages such as Japanese?

Perhaps via Project Templates?

If this is the case, does it also mean that there would be multiple Preferences files in CTE based on the number of language pairs? If yes, I was not aware of this important feature and I should name them differently upon export for backup reasons. 

Igor, would you please jump in and confirm?

You can set different preferences for different language pairs and directions via Project Templates. This does, however, not mean that all your desired preferences are already stored in these Project Templates.

If you are missing a preference that is important for you, you can request Igor to let CafeTran Espresso 10 save it in the Project Templates.


Personally, I'd like to have the Skip settings saved in the Project Templates.

At the end of a session/project I deactivate them. At the beginning of a new project, I'd like to have them activated via the Project Template.

Mmm, too many to-do things to remember upon setting a new project. There are a few settings that I would need to save based on the language pair, but I would first need to know which ones can be saved in project templates. I hope Igor can clarify this aspect of CTE since I found nothing elsewhere.

It never occurred to me to open a project template file to see which settings are stored. Interesting.

Igor, to what extent can we ask to add additional settings in the templates?


You cannot add new entries. However, you can edit existing ones, as long as you work carefully.

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