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Mac text navigation shortcuts to work in Metal look and feel

I have read several old threads on CPU load / fan noise on Mac in the Mac look and feel. 

For me, with Mac look and feel the iMac fan fires up to about 1500-1700 rpm at some point and never comes back. With Metal look and feel the fan stays mostly at 1200 rpm and is silent to my ears, while I can clearly hear it when it reaches 1400 rpm or higher.


What I think: if it's hard to make this look less CPU hungry, maybe it would be possible to add native Mac text navigation shortcuts on top of the Metal look and feel? All the rest like Cmd+A etc. has already been implemented.

Perhaps you want to try Karabiner to remap some keys? For the time being ...

Thanks, I need to check their documents. I use Karabiner for a few simple modifications.

It should be possible with Karabiner, but there's no GUI for that. So I need time to figure out how to do it.

I have just realized that Mac look and feel allows using some really nice shortcuts, like Ctrl+A, Ctrl+E, Ctrl+N etc. for "nerdy" text navigation. It would be a pity to lose them by switching to Metal. Is there a way to make Mac look slightly less CPU-hungry? Mac look and feel is about 10 degrees hotter than Metal.

I cannot understand this excessive CPU usage: if I leave CafeTran running in the background with a very small file opened, over some 10 minutes, little by little, the fan goes up from 1200 to 1500 rpm.

I sympathize with you. People have switched to WFP because of this. I hope it gets solved. The strange thing is that I have a MBP and a Mac and never ran into this problem. The only time when my fans start running, is when Windows in VMware is updating.

It does not happen every time, but probably with some settings or projects. Right now, in 10.6.5, I cannot trigger it at all. CPU stays cool. Has anything changed under the hood?

Perhaps it is the colours. I have a transparent white.

I have a grey background, not quite a deep black font and a background grid "on". Spikes happen at random, so I might write to support when I'm done with the current workload.

Maybe Java is more fine-tuned for MacBooks as they constitute the majority of all Macs. 

CafeTran has a unique feature: it suppresses capitalization when using Apple dictation, so I wouldn't switch. :)

I have a white screen, transparent, no stripes. I work on an iMac. I test on a MacBook.

After struggling with Karabiner's json file and Keyboard Maestro, I've finally managed to remap the shortcuts with BetterTouchTool. It's extremely straightforward and user friendly. I understood how to use in like 1 minute.


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Good to hear and interesting to know. Does BTT do a good job in restricting the redefinition to the CafeTran app only?

I did not test it extensively, but I believe it reliably restricts redefinition to a specific app. E.g., the shortcuts defined for CafeTran do not work in Word under Parallels. 

I also like that BTT does not replace the previous shortcut, but adds a new one. This way, I can use both Ctrl+arrows and Alt+arrows to move a word left or right (whichever my fingers remember first).

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