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A segment and its fragment displayed together?

Let's suppose that I have a TM set for both segments and fragments, and also set for writing.

Let's also suppose that I store in it both the whole segment and one fragment of such segment, and they get actually stored.

Question: should both segment and fragment appear automatically in the same pane when I open that segment again? Under which setting, if any, is this possible?


Try unchecking "Greedy exact matches" translation memory option in the TM Options panel. It may slow down the matching process though, as in this case when finding the exact match for the whole segment the program keeps on searching for fragments in this segment, which seems to be superfluous in general.

After unchecking "Greedy exact matches" CTE started to display fragments too, apparently without exceptions. Fortunately I don't use large TMs, so I can keep using this setting as standard. 

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