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Pause Skip settings after reaching the EOP

How about pausing the Skip settings for the rest of the session, once the End of Project has been reached?

So, grey out and deactivate these:


Once this dialogue box has appeared:


This would make 'things' so much more intuitive ...

Further explanation: once you’ve reached the EOP, you will want to perform QA and proofreading. For both processes, you want to navigate from (filtered) segment to segment. Skipping translated (or any other set segments) is counterintuitive and not very handy. You’ll want to disable all set Skip actions for the rest of the session. Chances are , that you forget to restore them once you’ve started a new project. I’m convinced that the skipping of filtered (flagged) segments during QA is something that can drive new users crazy. Anyway, that’s how I became mentally challenged.

Another approach would be: double-clicking on this buttons:


would make them (and the corresponding keyboard shortcuts) ignore the skip settings.

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