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How about some assistance at project creation?

As described earlier, I have some tools to help CafeTran Espresso 10 create projects, project folders, auxiliary files and place everything in the correct folders, with datum ID.

How do others organise their projects?

Am I right in my assumption that new users could do with some more assistance in this regard?

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I am neither a new user nor a power use, but I believe that a project creation wizard would be very useful to everyone.

It would be nice indeed to have a project creation wizard. I'm quite new to CafeTran and I'd like to be able to organize my projects (mostly external, from memoQ and Memsource) in a default location or in a location of my choice. Honestly, I wish it were like in memoQ as I find its UI quite intuitive :) 

I also wish there were no distinction between native and external projects (without templates).

I become confused every time I start a new project: I'm missing the moment where exactly the project is created and I cannot give it a name. When I press New, a Finder window opens. Instead, I expect a wizard to guide me through the project creation process — give it a name, add or delete resources, add files, see which resources are read-only, as well as how many entries each TM/TB has.

Additionally to that, I'd like to be able to inspect my projects and their resources at any time, rename or delete them. Right now, I have a long list of dummy projects in the popup menu to the right of the Open button. I created them when testing CafeTran and I cannot get rid of them.

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To get rid of old projects in the popup menu to the right of the Open button, I simply delete or move the folder with the correspondent documents in my Linux file system.

Thank you, this worked!

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