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Customise which characters shown via ‘Show invisible characters’?

Hi everyone,

It would be very useful to be able to customise the display of types of characters activated with ‘Show invisible characters’ feature. For example, when translating a Studio project/package in CafeTran, I quite often come across segments containing multiple paragraph marks and tabs. Generally speaking I always have ‘Show invisible characters’ switched off as I just don't like the way it looks with all the little dots in between every word. However, I would like to always be able to see if there are any tab characters and new paragraph characters present.


It would therefore be extremely cool if you could add some kind of customisation here. I don't think any CAT tool has something like this yet although it would be extremely useful if you ask me. 

If you look at the screenshot below, what I would like to do is show only the paragraph characters, and hide·all·of·those·little·black·dots·that·make·the·text·annoying·to·read. This would make the text a lot more readable, but I wouldn't risk missing any important formatting.


It would be amazing to be able to switch specific characters ON/OFF and maybe even customise their colours.


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easier on the eyes:


Yep. I've often thought about a triple state:

only non-breaking spaces and tabs

all white spaces and breaks

only non-breaking spaces and tabs and breaks

or something

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