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Changing glossary panel background color

Is this possible at all? Glossaries are my best friends and my eyes want to set naturally onto the glossary panel (at least one) among all other displayed panels.


You cannot set the separate colors in individual panels.  You can change it for all the panels via the menu View > Colors > Background color. You may need to restart the program to take effect for any docked or detached panels.  

Thank you Igor. I tried with View > Colors > Background, and the color changed for everything except the docked panels. What am I doing wrong? I'm using Layout 6.

Restart the program. The color should change with the default Look and Feel.

I tried again. These are my current settings:

Layout type: 6 (compact)

Themes: only System checked

Colors: View > Colors > Background: light yellow

As soon as I select light yellow, only the target editor window gets that color, and when I restart CTE the grid too gets the same color, except the Matchboard, TM and glossary panes which stay white.

What I would like to achieve is coloring the Matchboard, TM and glossary panes background only.

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