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Translating emails with Cafetran

For several clients I have been translating email correspondence which contains lots of technical and legal terms, but also repetitive texts. Unfortunately my memory has begun to fail me, which is why I've just had the brilliant idea to try translating those emails with the Cafetran's Clipboard feature.

As a mail client I'm using Thunderbird, which obviously stores emails in its proprietary format, and this is probably why my attempt failed.

Hence my question: is there a not-too-complicated workaround to achieve my goal? I thought that copying the email body into a simple TXT file, then translating from there with the Clipboard feature might be the answer, but I was looking for something speedier since at times I need to translate such emails many times a day.

Thank you alwayslockyourbike. I also conceived the same approach, but I hoped that a quicker solution (as the Clipboard facility is) existed, because when you have to translate tens of emails a day you end up preferring to use the usual method, i.w. without a CAT tool.

I am no programmer, so I'm only daydreaming here, but I imagine CT being able to accept any type of text received through the clipboard by first doing a sort of conversion on the fly to a digestible format.

I found an acceptable workaround, although it involves one more step compared to the basic Clipboard functionality: copying the email body text to a txt file first, then starting from there. Then, pasting the translated text into Thunderbird.

But, one issue that I encountered while working with this functionality is that the pasted text looses all hard returns. 

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