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CT licence and Linux upgrades

My Linux distro (MX Linux 18.3) has been just upgraded to a new version (19) but requires a completely new installation. Now, what happens to the current CT license when I install the new version? Shall I need a new one?


Within the three-year support period, you can submit a support ticket to help you transfer the license after CafeTran reinstallation on the upgraded system.

Also, if you restore from a backup (so that CafeTran has the exact same file path as before), you probably won't have to import a new licence.

In other words, the licence is valid as long as CafeTran is always run from a specific file path (at least in GNU/Linux).

Thanks Igor and Jean. I thought that CTE would consider MX Linux 19 as a completely different OS from MX Linux 18, therefore as a different installation. But, the file path is going to be the same and the hardware too.

If only upgrading Linux were as easy as upgrading Windows and Mac...

Generally, it is quite easy to upgrade, depending on the GNU/Linux distribution.

I've done so three times since installing Ubuntu 18.04, with few hurdles. There are even rolling-release distros.

The impossibility to migrate from MX Linux 18 to 19 is quite striking, since it's based on Debian and Debian 9 users can migrate to Debian 10... But the dev's know best.

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