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why isn't basic formatting (bold/italics) being shown in grid in Studio package?

Honey, I'm home!

So I'm working on a Studio package in CT, and am wondering: why isn't the basic formatting (bold/italics) being shown in the grid? The tags are shown in the segment editor, but there is no indication in the grid that they stand for bold/italics.


Welcome home, son. Perhaps the missing visualization is caused by the applied theme?

Hmm, same problem with all themes.

In the past, I've seen all kinds of text formatting in Studio projects.

I noticed that the display of bold seems to be broken, even in native projects:


> I noticed that the display of bold seems to be broken, even in native projects

The bold works okay here (CT on Mac, Linux and Windows). You may have changed the font (or the font size) which does not display the text in bold.

For projects created in other CAT tools, CT may display the basic format in its grid provided that it is marked by the standard inline tags in xml-based files.  

Hi Igor,

I tried resetting fonts/sizes to 100% defaults, but that didn't help. I think it might be the XML's fault, which looks like this:


(PS: for CafeTran newbies, I temporarily made the tags look like that by unchecking: Actions > Tags > Hide tag details)

My font comment concerned CT-native projects. For Studio files, your screenshot shows the g tag which is not the standard XML/HTML tag for bold (it should be the b tag). Anyway, you can send me via-email or ticket a sample SDL package wit some basic formatting.  Its preview in the grid might be implemented in the future.  Thanks!

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@Igor: Just created a support ticket with an example .sdlppx!

That would be quite nice.

But it is worth checking what happens when an external XLIFF project is translated in other CAT tools?


Are basic formatting tags displayed as bold, underline, italics?

I have been using SDL Trados for round trips (translation in CafeTran) related to SDL idiom Workbench XLIFFs, and I have been amazed at how many tags are displayed in SDL Trados compared to CT. Of course, bold, italics, and underlined text is displayed as tags.

At least one other tool does that, for SDLXLIFF tags: 

SDLXLIFF tags and formatting in memoQ

When you import an SDLXLIFF document, the "g" tags from the SDLXLIFF files appear as special tags. The tag information gets in the memoQ tag catalog, and you will also see if a tag is open, close, or empty.

If the original file that was imported into SDL Studio was a DOC or DOCX file: Bold, italic, underline, subscript, and superscript formatting is displayed correctly memoQ. You can change them freely. This also works if the original document was in any other MS Office format (XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, RTF).

CafeTran my display the basic formatting in sdlxliff projects in the next update soon. I am currently testing the implemented solution on the several files.

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Very nice, thanks Igor!!


Thanks Igor, the fix in CafeTran Espresso 10.6.3 Brownie just made working with these files a lot better!


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