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"Command+arrows" and "Alt+arrows" shortcuts do not work


I'm learning to use CafeTran and have found out that some basic macOS text navigation shortcuts do not work, namely Alt+Right arrow/Left arrow, Command+Right arrow/Left arrow, as well as the same combinations with the Shift key down. The only button that works with arrows is Control.

I have the latest CafeTran version and OS Mojave 10.14.6.

I've opened a support ticket, but I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue. Is there a solution?



Are you, by any chance, using the right Alt key?

No, it's a left Alt key. But I've just checked, and the right Alt key does not work either.

You may have switched to another look and feel in Preferences > Appearance tab. Mac look and feel is the default on Mac, and these Mac shortcuts work fine here.

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Many thanks, Igor, it works!

Ah ah! Had the same  issue, the "select with word by word steps" stopped working. Turns out it is because I changed the theme to Nimbus. 

It would be nice to have some warning when switching the look and feel. Or have a description somewhere in the reference documents. I thought I only changed the appearance, and not such basic preferences as keyboard shortcuts.

I will gladly add some description in the reference documents, but I don't know what I should write.

Igor, what is the situation with Appearance settings on Mac and Windows computers? To my knowledge, there is no such issue under GNU!Linux, although I tend to use the GTK Theme almost exclusively.

I remember some Appearance options had an effect with battery usage for Mac users. It seems they affect keyboard shortcuts as well.

Maybe, in pure Igor fashion, instead of issuing a caution statement, the developer will prefer to just iron these inconsistencies out :-)

Some system keyboard shortcuts belong to the Look and Feel (LAF) category. Java's Nimbus and Metal LAFs are cross-platform with the keyboard shortcuts independent of the operating system. At least, this what Java developers had in mind designing the two LAFs.  The other LAFs available (Mac, Windows, Linux GTK) are finely-tuned for the respective operating system both in the appearance and some actions.

I have just come across an old thread with Look and Feel info for Mac:

(thanks to Michael Beijer's wiki that is now online again)

I'm copying the table here for reference:

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