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Frequent Words tab working infrequently

I recently discovered this feature of CTE. However, very often, when I either move to the next segment by pressing ctrl + enter, or by left-clicking on a segment in the grid, the "Frequent Words" tab is empty. Sometimes, when I click on a given segment, and Frequent Words are displayed, and then I click on another segment and then again click on the first given segment (that previously showed Frequent Words), the tab does no longer display any Frequent Words. Is this a bug? This is a neat feature, I just wish it could consistently display the frequent words of a given segment :)

Ok, thanks. I sometimes think that it behaves strangely, but it's probably because I've just started using it.

That's intentional.  The occurrence of a given frequent word in the project is displayed only once as you go along (to search for it or add it to the glossary/TM) , instead of displaying it over and over again in subsequent segments. This way, you can only see new frequent words in the next segments. It is for speed and brevity reasons.

If you wish to see the word again,  you need to list all frequent words for the project.

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