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Hidden non-translatable fragments: how to use it?

Without Hidden non-translatable fragments:


With Hidden non-translatable fragments:


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Looks like you cannot use non-translatables glossaries. And even if you use the default list of non-translatables, those with numbers aren't recognised.



Though the new feature sounds very promising–especially the propagation/adaptation of hidden non-translatables–it's use is still very unclear to me.

A webcast would be welcome.

CafeTran did not behave nicely with multiple hidden non-translatables in the segment, especially when you mixed regular expressions and literal phrases as hidden non-translatable fragments in the same segment. It should be improved now although there are still some limitations with such a mix (e.g. their source segment order should be maintained in the target segment - when their order of appearance differs in the target segment, just unhide them for this segment via the Resources menu). Please download the last update and try again. Thanks!  

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Thank you for fixing this!


Two observations:

  1. Auto-assembling doesn't insert the purple tags.
  2. F4 doesn't list them.

BTW: I just realised that I didn't test the purple tags in combinations with the old-style red tags ...

> Auto-assembling doesn't insert the purple tags.

It may be added later.  

> F4 doesn't list them.

F3 lists them or display them in the unfolded form.

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