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Calculating rates and leverage

Hi, everyone

How can I see the Statistics of my finished translation in order to see all fuzzy matching, context match and no match segments and their corresponding word counts?

Is there any way I can calculate my total project price based on per-word rate and the different percentages for leverage? Does CT have this feature?

Thank you.

1. Project > Statistics > Memory statistics > Select the TM you want to compare your segments against.

You can also use Project > Statistics > Total statistics, which also shows the comparison against each attached TM.

When you use this feature, the important question is "What is the TM you want to compare against?"

In a finished project, the ProjectTM will mostly show Context matches and Exact matches, so it will not be useful. You'll probably want to compare against a TM that was not part of the project (example: one that was provided by the customer, or at the beginning of the project, to check the leverage you can expect from a TM).

2. You can't perform the calculation directly in CafeTran. However, it is quite easy to compute.

Here are two suggested methods: 

a. At any time, you can export a statistics report (with the currently displayed statistics) in HTML format, and copy the relevant statistics content (from 102% Context matches to the last cell on the bottom right, with 100%), or select the content and copy it directly from CafeTran.

You can then paste the content in an Excel sheet, calculating the weighted word count, depending on the weight you want to define per match category.

I'm sharing an Excel document, with an example calculation. Just define the percentage per category in the Weight column, and copy-paste the content from 102% Context matches to the last cell on the bottom right, with 100%, indicated in light gray.

b. You can also use CatCount, a free Windows utility. Simply define the percentages to apply and input the corresponding statistics to get the weighted word count.

Home page:

Direct download:


Thank you very much for your kind response and your help. I am new to CT and you've just made my life that much easier! Best to you.

I'm glad I could help. If you are new, be sure to check the official knowledge base:

For example, there is an article about getting project (and TM) statistics:

My reference documents, part of which is the github link I've shared above, are also listed there.

For beginners, this document may help:

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