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How to copy repeated sequences of (non repeatable) segments

Hello CafeTran users (*). 

As a newbie,  I ran into trouble this morning.

Problem at hand was, I had the list of abbreviated days of the week (M T W T F) to translate into French. This list was repeated in this same sequence about 50 times.

I dabbed with the search and replace all function and ended up with all the letters "l" of my project replaced with "Lu". Not at aLuLu what I Luooked for... I now look at the S and R function with respect and awe.

I have now corrected the problem using multiple applications of the very same search and replace function.

Q: is there a safe and simple way to copy (be it drag and drop or with Task or anything else) a group of contiguous source and target segments [e.g.  (M T W T F) >>> (Lu Ma Me Je Ve)]  and paste it in the next occurences?

Thank you.


(*) Should we call it a "cafetière of users", as a collective noun? Given the quantity of coffee ingurgitated by most linguists i know, that would make sense.

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I'm not sure I understand what you wish to accomplish. If your abbreviated days of the week are as single segments, either auto-propagation or exact matches should be inserted in the target segments automatically in subsequent segments. There is no need for copying and pasting in next occurrences of such segments as the program will do it for you.

Hi Jean,

I may well be missing something in your question, but assuming I'm not, you just need to activate autopropagation (Edit -> Preferences -> Auto-propagation, select the appropriate options). [Though I would have thought this would be activated by default anyway.]

Once activated, the first time you translate a repeated segment, the translation is automatically inserted into all identical segments.

Where auto-propagation falls down is where there are tags in the segments – perhaps this is your issue? Not much you can do about that as far as I know. (Though it will cope if the tags are identical.)


Hello Igor,

Problem is multi-facetted: 

  • T can be Tuesday or Thursday so the translation would need to be alternately "M" and "J" in French
  • I also have M as a standalone segment in further occurrences, and this segment need to stay as is in target

So the question is, can you either instruct CafeTran to translate alternatively T as M or J? Or can you limit the range of segments where you want to propagate a given translation?

I tried to do this with search and replace, but did not manage to apply my Search and replace all commands to a range of segments.


Hi Igor and Amos,

Thanks for the answers.

Let me clarify:

Source comes from a schedule on an Excel, with long repeated lists of days:
















I guess I could set the propagation to be "forward only" and possibly limit the propagation to the curent document inside my project. 

Problem is that, in the case of the source T, i need to apply two different translations (M and J). 

How would you tackle this one? this must be a classic question, but could not locate a walkthrough


That's not a classic question, it's a very niche requirement.

If you know VBA, you could do a workaround with some VBA find and replace in Excel, but it's almost certainly not worth it.

Hmm,  I guess that if you keep adding your multitple translations for the given segment to the translation memory , CafeTran will correctly apply the highest (context) match the same way you, as a human, can only determine it from the context.  You can try it by enabling "Keep all duplicates" option for the given translation memory.

1. Right-click at the memory pane (under the memory title).

2. Click the Options (the cog icon) and choose "Keep all duplicates" option.

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Hi Amos,

Sadly, I have to work on and deliver as xliffs. If I could work in native Excel, that would indeed take no time at all and the question would probably not arise.

I would be happy to do this using CafeTran's find and replace function. Is there a way to limit the scope of a Search and Replace command to a range of segments? That would work fine for me.



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