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QA for Japanese numbers

I just did a QA number check and found that CTE reports an error for "4" (double byte) in the source and "4" (single byte) in the target. I'm not aware that CTE has a specific setting for double byte numbers, or no?


Until very recently I used to check numbers manually when translating from Japanese, but for highly complex jobs I intend to use CTE own facilities from now own.

So I come back with the same question: is CTE capable of recognizing double-byte numbers when checking them with it's QA number check function?

> "4" (double byte) in the source and "4" (single byte) in the target

These are two different characters so CTE treats them as different too. I will look into a way to normalize the double byte version of the number in Japanese to its single byte equivalent.

Thank you Igor. This capability is fundamental for QA completeness, so I trust you'll find a solution.

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