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Are you afraid of system updates too?

Are you afraid of system updates too? Like: the new Java version 13 and the new macOS version that will discontinue all 32-bit apps (like dictionaries etc.)?

Or is it just me, again?

I should have written 'upgrades' instead of 'updates'.

Windows x64 has this WOW emulation to run 32 bit apps. Linux x64 just needs some extra libraries, and it can run 32-bit apps too, and also has Wine for windows software. So maybe Apple should have some sort of “Cyder” for running 32 bit apps on a x64 system? ;-)

macOS Catalina is out. No more 32-bit apps. With Go64 you can check your apps:


I hope that CafeTran Espresso 10 Croissant with its integrated Java will run – but I assume that's all 64-bit.

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