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Request: Intermediate file for XLIFF projects

Related to this:, I’d like to request a feature to create an Intermediate file for XLIFF projects. Often there are many repetitions and hindering non-translatables, like codes, bullets etc. In the intermediate file the user can mask all this hindering info. Once the project is finished, the user opens it again, with all masked elements unmasked and commits the project to memory. With this memory, the originating XLIFF is translated automatically (via Translated > Insert all EMs). The format of the intermediate file can be DOCX or XLIFF, provided that CafeTran gets a feature to mask elements in projects. All segments should be present only once. Preferably, the natural order of segments should be maintained.
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An interesting enhancement of this new feature would be a feature to read a non-translatables glossary (including regular expressions) and have them masked automatically in the Intermediate file.

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