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Tabs switch when I change windows - driving me nuts!

New user, sorry if this is a stupid question...

I use a Mac and when I switch between CafeTran and Safari using command + tab, the CafeTran tabs change. I like to have it on the Matchboard, but it is constantly switching to MyMemory MT. It seems like I'm triggering some keyboard shortcut but I can't figure it out.

I can't reproduce it on MacOS Mojave running CafeTran Espresso 10.5 Croissant. The Command + TAB shortcut changes the apps back and forth leaving the currently-selected resource/tab in CafeTran's interface unchanged. If you haven't changed the default tab selection shortcuts in CafeTran's Preferences, they should be CTRL + comma and CTRL + dot for the selection of the previous and next tab.  

Actually I see now that it's not the command+TAB that is causing the CafeTran tab to change, but copying something to the clipboard with command+C. (I thought it was the switching applications that did it because I would copy a term and then immediately switch to my browser dictionary.) Is there a way to disable this automatic process?

Please try to uncheck "Clipboard sensitive" option in the menu Edit.

Thanks for the follow-up.

That option was already unchecked. I tried a bunch of clipboard-related options in the Preferences but nothing did what I wanted. 

Then I reset the Preferences. When I restarted CafeTran, there was a double pane on the bottom, one of which was the Matchboard. I think that will work for what I need, but I haven't tried it on a real job yet.

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