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Hi! What encoding should I use in a web resource (Wordreference) in order to use french accents to show (and look for) correctly? Current one is UTF-8.


Doesn't the source view of the page in your internet browser indicate an encoding?

<meta http-equiv="Content-typecontent="text/html;charset=UTF-8">
So, there must be another cause ...

The UTF-8 encoding is right. However, some web services providers make some internal character ecoding conversions testing them on popular web browsers only. A few weeks ago, a  similar issue started to occur on website. Then, without any update from Java or CafeTran, it returned to normal working fine again. All we can do is to wait for either the new Java update which can handle such sites correctly, or for that website change to handle less popular web browsers as well.

Thanks for your answers! When I use glossaries for french-spanish, I used to use UTF-8 and everything with accents used get messed, so switching the encoding worked like a charm, that's why I though it had something to do with encoding hehe.

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