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Quickly filter on a specific repeated segment


When working with repetitions, I often wish to review instances of a specific repetition in their context (the segment just before/after is not always enough).

Instead of selecting the source segment and initiating a "PR source" search, would it make sense to click (or control-click) on the (currently inactive) R symbol to quickly filter on the specific repeated segments?

This would make the process (and the back and forth) that much faster!

Of course, any ideas to achieve this in a quicker way with the current implementations are welcome.


I agree with this request, and I add that such a facility would be useful also when checking a translation displayed in the grid in alphabetical order, for in such case there would be no useful context.

What about opening a small and adjustable pop-up window when passing the mouse over a specific symbol? 


I'l like to resurrect this request:

How about implementing a way to quickly filter all instances of a specific repeated segment?

I'm thinking of Ctlr+Click, as it is consistent with other uses of the Ctrl modifier, but this is just a suggestion.

Often, a more thorough review of repeated segments is needed before deciding to apply or disable auto-propagation (instead of blindly doing so) and this would help in that regard.

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