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1 license on 2 PC´s


I would like to purchase a CafeTran lincense and I have two questions about the license.

1. Is it possible to install CafeTran on a PC (to work at home) and also on a notebook (to work away from home)?

2. How to handle the license, when its necessery to change the hardware in the PC?



Hello Dima,

1. According to

License files are generated specifically for a given computer. If you work on more than one machine, however, you may request that a license file be generated also for your second computer.

I think this applies to both the Annual subscription and the One-time Purchase.

The End-User License Agreement ( seems to state otherwise (I'm not good at reading through legalese), so this may require the developer's confirmation.

2. Each license is specific to one computer/file location. If you replace your old computer with a new one, change your OS or change the installation file location (and, perhaps in some cases, replace the hard drive or reinstall the OS), you will need to request a new license file. As long as you are within the support period (the year of the annual subscription or three years in case of the one-time purchase), I think you will be able to receive a new license file and related support when needed.

At least this has been my experience so far.



Hello Jean,

thank you for the answer! And what is your expereance, how fast its possible a new lecense in case when you have to change the hardware?



The two or three times I've received help for license matters were dealt with quickly, although I don't recall the specifics.

I wouldn't worry too much about that.

Thank you Jean, for the answer!



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