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Q: What do grey segments in Studio projects represent?

It's been a long time since I took a Studio project, and I don't remember all these grey segments.

What do they represent?

(I'm not sure if I should correct them or leave them alone.)

(If only there was some documentation!)

Unless something has changed lately:

"Translated" segments in SDL Trados get the "Checked" status in CafeTran (gray background in segments, plus simple gray background in segment number) and vice versa. This is the status segments get when you press the Finalize button in CafeTran.[Note: Now CafeTran asks confirmation before setting this status].

See how the various SDL Trados statuses are displayed in CafeTran:

Hi Jean,

thanks for the clarification and the link.

So, where I have these 'checked' segments in the Studio package as provided by the customer (before I've touched the file), that means that they are checked and approved by the customer?

Many thanks,

Hi Jeremy,

If they appear as "Checked" in CafeTran, they have the "Translated" status in SDL Trados.

In general, this is the status translators use when they have completed their translation in SDL Trados.

You may have to check what to do with these segments with the client (do these still need to be reviewed?), but they are set as already having been translated once.

Here is an explanation/overview of the translation statuses in SDL Trados (2019):

Signed Off and Signed Off Rejected (used in LQA or by certain PMs) are NOT mapped to a specific status in CafeTran, but Translated, Locked and Translation Approved/Rejected are.

Many thanks again Jean, and thanks for the link. Now it's clear.

I'm going to check with my partner, who uses Studio exclusively, how she handles these segments.

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