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Bring back the MT comparison feature for Team MT with auto-assembling

I've posted this here ( but the post got buried, understandably, to keep the news section clean.

So, here it is:

I'm currently missing the comparison feature between the unchanged and the improved version for MT services (API), at least when "Automatic fragments adjustment" is not used.

Would it be possible to bring this back ? I think this is essential as sometimes Team auto-assembling with Machine Translation requires making adjustments to resources or terms/fragments used, and these adjustments can be made easier if the user can compare both versions to see what went wrong, or simply choose the preferred result, as you write here.

I understand this may require that the source segment is sent twice to the MT engine, so the feature may be best offered as an option.

At least, please consider adding an optional action to force querying the MT engine to return the unchanged version.

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