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About "Automatic fragment adjustment" (Team auto with MT)

Hello Igor,

Can you provide more information about the new "Automatic fragment adjustment" feature for MT matches?

Without this option, I am able to get CafeTran to replace MT fragments with my glossary/TM entries (those with high priority, as I use both "Team autoassembling with machine translation" and "Team high priority fragments only").


With this option, the MT pane does not replace the MT fragments and does not show the original and the modified MT result, even if the specific glossary/TM synonym has already been used in the current session.

I think it worked once, but I can't get consistent results.

Anyone else has more luck using this new feature?

From its description, the feature does seem very interesting as one could have CafeTran selectively use their huge glossary or termbase (instead of creating/using a separate, smaller one, as I think it's more relevant for the standard "Team autoassembling with machine translation" feature).

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To some extent, CafeTran can adjust auto-assembled entries based on your corrections during work (e.g. inflection changes to terms/fragments) in targets segments - see the Preferences > Auto-assembling > Automatic fragments adjustment option. Those adjustments can propagate to Machine Translation results as well.  To make it work:

1. Enable Preferences > Auto-assembling > Automatic fragments adjustment option.

2. Enable Preferences > MT Services > Automatic fragments adjustment option.

Also, MT result needs to include your term to make its adjustment.


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