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Use own glossaries/term-bases during mashine-translation


according to this google site:

meanwhile its possible to use your own term-base whith the mashine translation. According to the sescription in the link above, its necessery to upload a glossary/term-base to google cloud translate and then with a command from the translation software to connect the uploaded term-base with the google translate API which will be inserted in CafeTran ore other translation software.

My question to the developer of CafeTran ist: Do you plan to realize an option for CafeTran that it will be possible to connect the uploaded term-bese on google with the personal google cloud translation API. So the own term-base can be considered during translation.

This function would be very helpful, epecially if you translate documents or books with a lot of specific terms.



Did you test the Team feature at the MT tab in Preferences?

No, but it´s not the same, what I have written in the topic.

 I wanted to add that its alreada partially realized with plugin for trados. But the option to use your own glossary/term-base during mashine translation is only for commercial users (companies).

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