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Q: Relatioship between QA and glossary settings


This question has been haunting me.

My settings are:

Glossary menu: Prefix matching and Look up word stems are activated.

QA menu: Term consistency check is set at Exact matching.

When I run QA, CT catches prefix matches and gives warnings that the translations are not present in the target segment. How can I apply exact matching only when QA is performed (without unchecking the Prefix matching and Look up word stems in the Glossary menu and reloading the glossaries)?



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Hi Masato,

If you wish to perform QA > Term consistency with Exact Matching, the glossary needs to be loaded with the "Exact matching" option as well. You simply cannot have the term consistency check for exact matches in the given glossary while it is set to load with the other non-exact "Prefix matching" option on.

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