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TotalRecall: recall creates 2 TMs

I'm experimenting with TotalRecall. I've created a new table via the Dashboard and imported the TM for my current job.

In the editor view I've selected the new table via TR > Memory tables. (The table is displayed in a pane.)

Now, when I use TR > Recall Memory, I get two TMs:

  1. TotalRecall_TM
  2. NameOfTable_TM
How come?

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Some info about RAM usage:

Amount of RAM using TotalRecall_TM

recalled TUs: 20497

number of segments in imported TM: 175,000

RAM used: 855 out of 2048 MB

Amount of RAM using Original_TM

number of TUs: 175,000

RAM used: 1021 out of 2048 MB

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