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Can't disconnect from DeepL account (web) inside CTE

Since I only want DeepL's web interface (not its API), I'm using the Starter version of DeepL Pro, which only allows one instance of running with the same credentials at any one time.

I can connect with my credentials inside CafeTran, but cannot disconnect.

Each time I want to have DeepL forget my credentials inside CafeTran, I need to quit CafeTran, manually remove the Deep:L related cookies (entries) found in .java/.userPrefs/translator/cookies/prefs.xml on Linux, and restart CafeTran,

When a second instance is running, I get an error message (see screenshot), and I'm forced to use this method in CafeTran.

How can this situation be improved?


Attaching the screenshot

Please try resetting DeepL cookies via CafeTran's Preferences -

Great, thank you for the tip (and the knowledge base article)!

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