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Use project folder as root for export dialog

For native projects (External projects not tested), I have noticed that many actions in Export and exchange show the last export location (which is often a previous project), instead of the current project folder, even when Preferences > Workflow > Shared export folder is not enabled (I have never used this option).

Example actions to reproduce this:

Export as bilingual document


To HTML file

To text file

Can all Export and exchange actions use the current project folder when the above-mentionned option is not enabled?

Thank you,


Forcing the alternative exports into the current project folder might pose the risk of overwriting the important project files (e.g project .tmx file and original source language documents with the same format as the exported one (e.g .docx or .txt). This might seem like quite an unlikely type of mistake made by the user but irrecoverable. The similar story was with the export as a return package where few users wrongly exported them into the unpacked sdlppx folders.  It is safer (though slightly less elegant) to establish the export folder (for such alternative exports) outside the project folder.  

Thank you for this information.

I find it practical to have all project-related files inside the same folder (including TMX files, bilingual files, etc.), but I will take this suggestion into account.

I would prefer that, for such export actions, CafeTran populated the file name with the right extension (TMX, HTML, TXT) or name addition (bilingual), to minimize any risks, instead of remembering the previously used exported folder (which in my case belongs to a previous project).

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