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Fragment TM term recognition problem

Hi! I've got a sentence starting with "A variable speed drive".

I use a fragment TM for term recognition, and "variable speed drive" is included as a term in that TM. Now, instead of recognizing "variable speed drive" it suggests a prefix match based on "A variety", which is another term in the Fragment TM.

My settings for the fragment TM are as follows:

Memory type: Fragments memory

Matching type: fuzzy

Prefix matching checked, 40%

min. prefix length: 4

Greedy exact matches checked.

What settings should I use to make CT recognize "variable speed drive" in addition to any other (prefix) matches? I tried switching greedy matches off, but it doesn't make any difference.

Thank you for your help!


Hello Stefan! It is a bit hard to tell without seeing the detailed list of the prefix matches for the segment, in the tab for this TM (not just the Matchboard). Maybe you are just looking for the match in the Matchboard only? Also, I would recommend using the "Fixed length" prefix option instead of the percentage-based. It is much more accurate. You need to reload/restart to change the prefix option.

Hello Igor, many thanks for your reply. I played around some more with the TM settings and found a combination of settings that works for me - I just increased the min. prefix length to 5.  I left the percentage-based setting for now but will also try the fixed length option.

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