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I just submitted an sdlxliff file I translated in CafeTran to an agency. Unfortunately, they got the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when they tried to open it in Trados. I downloaded a trial version of Trados and had the same problem. In the end, the workaround was to export the sdlxliff file document to a bilingual word document and then re-import to Trados. Why might this problem be occurring? Is this something to do with the way CafeTran handles sdlxliff files?

This issue has made me think that I need to get Trados just to check sdlxliff files open okay after translating them in CafeTran and also for the tracked changes feature for revisions that CafeTran doesn't have. The cheapest I can find it is for about $460 on ProZ group buy. But after playing around with the trial version for a while - I am really reluctant to spend money on bloated software I will hardly use. Is buying Trados really the only way forward?

>Is this something to do with the way CafeTran handles sdlxliff files?

Nope. It is a Studio quirk. You can get it when working with native Studio files too.

At you'll find many postings about this error.

You're agency will probably get the same message, when they re-import the SDLPPX they've send you directly (without you having touched it).

I tried to import the sdlxliff file the agency sent me (that hadn't been touched by me) into my trial version of Studio and it worked fine. By the sdlxliff that I translated in CafeTran gave the error when I tried to re-import it. 

Did you run QA > Tags check (and, if possible. At tags spaces check)?

This is mandatory for SDLXLIFF files. 

Did you run QA > Tags check (and, if possible. At tags spaces check)?

I just tried that. CafeTran said that the QA had been completed successfully, but I still can't get it top open in Trados.

Hm, I see.

I don't know about the specific error SDL Trados gives out when you try to import the SDLXLIFF you have translated in CafeTran.

Since this is file-specific, you can try opening a support ticket, attaching the said file, so that the developer can have a look.

Another workaround would be to export a TMX file, import it into Trados and translate the file using the matches from the imported TM.

SDL Trados has the habit of throwing out errors at times. Generally, CafeTran allows you to translate SDLXLIFF files that will be usable in SDL Trados. The situation you describe is an exception, not the rule.

Of course, having an SDL Trados (even trial)  version lying around and testing (round trip) before delivery is always a good idea. One that I apply, at least.

Thanks, I will open a support ticket.

What was the response to the support ticket?

"Some of your source segments contain tags that you completely discarded by appending them to the end of the corresponding target segments. This is not an issue with CafeTran native projects but some other CAT tools may require that you transfer the tags (at least into the approximate positions) inside the target segments.

Also, please note that custom formatting tags (red b, u, i) - the ones which don't exist in the source segments - work only in CafeTran native projects with Ms Word and LibreOffice documents. You used them in your sdlxliff file. It should not be the cause that error though.

By the way, the target segment 67 ends with three line breaks with no apparent reason. Trados might have an issue with it too."

I didn't try and fix it because there were so many tags and I had already found a workaround (exporting to bilingual word document and then importing bilingual document into Trados). But I have done two more jobs since that opened in Trados with no problem. 

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