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Looking for best practice for Studio file with variables

I'm translating an SDLPPX file, created from an XML file, exported by an authoring system. It contains lots of variables, like:


CafeTran Espresso 10 Croissant auto-assembles:


How can I improve this result?

It's not a big deal to press DELETE and proceed to the next segment, but anyway.

Not so nice is the following:

  • When you filter on a unique character identifying these segments (e.g. 'à') and copy all source segments to their corresponding targets, it looks like everything went okay.
  • However, when you perform a tag check, you'll find hat nearly all tags are incorrect.

So here's the situation:

  • When you filter and copy source to target: tags are wrong.
  • When you precede from segment to segment and press DELETE, Go to Next: the tags are correct.
It would be nice if the first approach would result in correct tags too ;).

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